In 1972, two seconds were added to time. It was in order to balance clock time with the movement of the earth. Byron Hemming knew this because James Lowe had told him and James was the cleverest boy at school. But how could time change? The steady movement of hands around a clock was as certain as their golden futures.

Then Byron’s mother, late for the school run, makes a devastating mistake. Byron’s perfect world is shattered. Were those two extra seconds to blame? Can what follows ever be set right?

My opinion: The title of this book says it all for me. I absolutely loved it.

I requested this from Netgalley as I was intrigued by what Rachel Joyce’s second offering could bring. I read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry last year after it was long listed or the Man Booker Prize, and although found it enjoyable, just didn’t get all of the hype.

I started reading this book on holiday a few weeks ago and was immediately hooked. The characters were just so lively and I instantly cared for Byron. The easy going writing style made it a perfect book to lie by the pool with, and I can imagine snuggling under the duvet with it on a cold night.

The story alternates between 1972 and more or less the modern day until both parts become one and the full picture is unfurled. Many different topics are touched on, from childhood friendship to OCD. This was what I was expecting from Harold Fry!

The story culminates when two worlds come together. It is touching, amusing at times and totally heartbreaking. When reading I had the same feeling as I did when I read Atonement. I also considered going back to the beginning and starting again! The mark of a truly fantastic book.

My rating: An extremely well deserved five stars

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review