High Heels and Bicycle Wheels


Meet Bryony: she’s a fun-loving, very single TV production assistant whose idea of sport is the Jimmy Choo sales scrum.

Meet Jackson: Cycling’s bad boy superstar. Injured and out of a certain race this summer, without his training, he’s looking for another distraction…

Bryony’s facing a triple whammy – her last single friend just named the day, her mother’s offering to have her eggs frozen, and the guy she’s loved from afar, forever, has just got hitched. So she’s more than happy to accept the offer of a totally out of character but seriously steamy one night of no-strings fun. Especially when the guy in question is so attractive he even looks good in Lycra!

Jackson’s on the lookout for a new career but if the opportunity to work on TV means a fortnight with the most uptight woman in the world, he’d rather not bother. He never goes in for seconds – and who in their right mind would head off in a campervan, with a woman who irons her knickers?

Add in a tandem (yes a tandem) and fast forward to double trouble for a summer neither of them will ever forget!

My opinion: I’ve never read a book by Jane Linfoot before, but I was attracted to this book and thought that it sounded like an interesting storyline.

Bryony is an independent single woman who likes to be in control and works in television. She ends up working with the Casanova of the cycling world, Jackson Gale. When her co-worker becomes ill, she ends up being thrown onto the back of a tandem with Jackson, and from there her control on her life (and her knickers!) starts to slip away from her. Jackson’s quest to change his public image means that they are unable to avoid each other and both end up doing things that break their own rules.

I was hooked by this book straight away. Not only was the writing style like having a chat with your best friend, but it was very funny and made me chuckle. The story has some of its basis in hot sex, but there is a good storyline around it and it gives the perfect mix of hot men, sex and humour. The story becomes more romantic as you read and it is really great to see the characters grow as you read on.

I found a few parts of the book a little predictable, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment, particularly as there were so many things that I couldn’t guess! This is a great lighthearted read and a perfect book to read whilst lounging next to a swimming pool or sunbathing in the garden. I will definitely be reading some of Jane’s older books to catch up on her writing!

My rating: Five stars

I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review