Jen has discovered a secret. It’s not hers to share, but is it hers to keep?

If she tells her husband Jason, he might get over the shock but will he forgive her for telling the truth? She might drive a wedge through their marriage.

If she tells someone else in Jason’s family – the family she’s come to love more than her own – she’d not only tear them apart but could also find herself on the outside: she’s never really been one of them, after all.

But if she keeps this dirty little secret to herself, how long can she pretend nothing is wrong? How long can she live a lie?

Jen knows the truth – but is she ready for the consequences?

My opinion: I was really pleased to get the opportunity to get to read this book as it seemed like it would be a real gripping read that would get under the skin of a family to uncover all sorts of things.

The Mastertons are a perfect family. Charles and Amelia have three grown up children, three grandchildren and another on the way and are about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Amelia is a doting wife to successful businessman and minor celebrity Charles, and in the eyes of daughter in law Jen they are how a family should be. Close knit, enjoying each others company and open and honest with each other.

But Jen finds out that all is not as it seems when she stumbles upon a secret that has been kept for 25 years. Not only has she discovered a secret that will change her view on her husband’s family, but has to decide what to do with this information.

I really enjoyed this book and loved getting to know the ins and outs of both sides of Jen’s family life. I really like a story that digs deep into a family’s dark side and exposes the seemingly perfect family unit for what it really is. You can probably tell that I have a complicated family.

I did find that the story was a little slow in places, but I think that it was a slow burner with a good build up to the ultimate ending. I couldn’t really see where it was going, but think I would have liked more of a shocking twist at the end.

All in all, a good book and I will definitely look to read more by the author.

Skeletons will be published by Penguin UK on 27th March 2014

My rating: Four stars

I received an advance copy of this book courtesy of LoveReading and Penguin UK in exchange for an honest review.