Fifteen-year-old X thinks she is going to die. Shacked up in the cellar of an old farmhouse, she starts a journal to document her last few days. Much less than a few days if the things outside manage to get in.

X is a best-selling short story from Jack Croxall, author of Tethers.

My opinion: I downloaded this short story on my Kindle as I was intrigued by the blurb. I also love a good short story so was looking forward to giving this a go!

I read this on the train to Bath, so it was a very quick read, but believe me it packed a punch! X is living in a cellar and knows that she is going to die, she just isn’t sure when. We know something bad has happened, we just don’t know exactly what or why. There are indications to what it may be, but we are never too for certain.

We follow the diary of X as she tries to survive and also remembers what life was like before, and those she has lost.

This is a really well written short story and reminded me of Brother in the Land by Robert Swindells. It wasn’t a happy book by any means, but the writing dragged you in to make you want to know what happens next. If Jack writes more about this story I will definitely read it!

My rating: 4 stars