Last post

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and have finally made the difficult decision to announce that I no longer see myself as a book blogger. I have not used this blog for some time as to be honest I have lost my reading mojo and found that blogging became something of a chore, rather than something that I enjoyed.

I took a break last year and haven’t really returned to book blogging. Particularly when you compare with the level of activity I had last year when I felt like the blog was helping me to thrive.

A number of factors have pushed my decision on this, including IT issues (although I now have a shiny new laptop!), lack of time and a lot of stress from the day job and of course, lack of enjoyment.

I’ve had a great time in the world of book bloggers over the last few years, but it’s now time for me to move on. I have set up a new blog for when the mood takes me over at I wanted somewhere that would be a bit more like a lifestyle blog where I could talk about all the things that I enjoy or experience, or just have a rant! And I won’t rule out reviewing books there if I feel the need. You can also keep up with me at my main twitter account @Sheliruss.

I hope some of you keep in touch and keep up with some of my adventures outside of the world of books!



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