The Three of Us


The Three of Us is an exclusive short story introducing Zara, the village midwife whose story you can read in Follow Me Home, and bringing us up to date with what’s happened to Tessa and Jack from The Village Vet

Tessa and Jack live at the animal sanctuary in Talyton St George. They had been friends for years, but it wasn’t until Jack interrupted Tessa’s wedding that she discovered his feelings for her were stronger than she ever knew.

Now, a year on, they could not be happier. And when Tessa discovers she’s pregnant, it’s as if all their dreams have come true.

But a scan shows that there are complications, and suddenly Tessa realises that Jack has always had doubts about having a baby. Supported throughout by Zara, the village midwife, Tessa and Jack have some tough decisions to make.

However, as the baby’s birth draws closer, Tessa and Jack grow further apart. Will he feel differently when the baby is born? Or will having her wonderful child mean losing the man of her dreams?

My opinion: I have only read Cathy Woodman’s latest installment in the Talyton St George series, Country Loving, but have bought all of the others as a result of loving that book and jumped at the chance to read this novella.

Tessa and Jack run an animal sanctuary and one day discover that she is pregnant. Despite their initial joy, when the going gets tough Jack finds it difficult to deal with. His behaviour changes and instead of sharing precious moments in the months leading up to the birth of their baby, Jack drifts further and further apart.

This book is a really quick read and we get to catch up with some of the characters from the series. I love the rural setting of these books and the interaction between the villagers is really lifelike and easy to follow. I really liked the character of Tessa, she is a tough old bird with a heart of gold and so brave too. Jack really wound me up with his behaviour in the book. It made me think whether I would put up with him and decided that Tessa must be a lot more patient than me!

Cathy’s next novel Follow Me Home was published on 24th April and I can’t wait to read it! I really must catch up on her earlier books too…

My rating: A fab four stars

I was provided with an advance review copy of this book by he publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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