The Love Detective


“People always ask me what kind of books I write and I guess you’d call them love stories, but I also think of them as mysteries. After all, what makes two people fall in love? I’ve written three novels on the topic and I’m still looking for the answers.

In a way, I’m a bit of a love detective. Because what’s a greater mystery than love?”

Ruby Miller has lost her faith in love. In an effort to forget her cheating ex and clear her writer’s block, she joins her sister for a week’s holiday in India… and embarks on an extraordinary adventure.

Swept up on a magical mystery tour, amid silks and spices, palaces and weddings, Ruby investigates different stories of love lost and found.

But will a romance of her own remain always out of reach? Or can she find her happy ever after?

My opinion: I was really attracted to this book by it’s pretty cover (I know, how shallow of me!), but was a little concerned about whether I would like it or not. I needn’t have worried myself about it though!

This story is about Ruby, a writer who lives in London, who decides to take a break and go and visit her sister in India when she suffers from writers block. Her mind is full of thoughts of her cheating ex and she thinks she has lost faith in love. Not great for a romance writer! So she decides to take in some culture, relax and clear her head.

Only things don’t go quite to plan on the relaxing front when she ends up on an adventure across India to try and find her sister. She embarks on an epic train journey, meets a handsome American, falls into a tourist trap and finds out that she can do so much more than she thought…

I really enjoyed this book and found that it was quite a quick read. The thing I liked most about the book was the unusual setting and the great cultural detail. It was a really interesting and unusual story and I really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t a straight forward story and had some twists and turns, and an interesting small twist at the end which tied the story up well. It is really well written and I will definitely look out for more from the author. Only goes to show that sometimes judging a book by a cover can result in a really good read!

My rating: Four stars


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