Amelia Grey’s Fireside Dream


Amelia has a dream: toasting chestnuts by the fire with her husband Jack in their own cosy cottage. Their real life is another world – a cramped one-bedroom flat in Hackney. But when life takes a surprising turn, removal vans are soon heading to the Kent countryside.

They soon realise the cottage makeover is a far bigger project than they’d anticipated. On top of that, there’s Amelia’s newly loved-up mum and her tearaway half-sister, Mirabel, to contend with – pushing Amelia and Jack’s marriage to breaking point.

Amelia begins to strip back the wallpaper and fittings in the cottage and discovers the story of the cottage’s previous owner – and a hidden secret. As Amelia’s ideas about love and family change, will her fireside dream finally come true?

My opinion: This is the first Abby Clements book I’ve read and I blooming loved it! I read this book in just a few hours as I couldn’t put it down!

Amelia is a secondary school teacher living in a cramped flat in London with her husband and has dreams of one day moving to the country. Her dream comes a little bit closer when they go house hunting, and things in work take an unexpected turn.

Their dream home becomes a little more of a DIY project than that were expecting in order to fit in with their budget. But the house hasn’t quite shook off its previous owner and things don’t run quite as smoothly as planned….

I loved this book from the moment I started reading it and liked that it touched on a few different topics, including Amelia being unsure whether she wanted children. I loved reading about the journey to renovate their house and it had made me feel like I want to do more in my own home! The characters were likeable and well thought out and the story was extremely well paced.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book in just a few hours and this was a fantastic read. I will definitely read more by Abby Clements!

My rating: A fantastic five stars!!


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