Xmas wishlist – Louise

There are so many fantastic things out there for the discerning bookworm so I’ve tried to be very good and limit myself to 5 items and I hope you appreciate how much restraint this is taking for me!


1. Firstly, as a full time mum to a wonderfully lively 3 year old, top of my wishlist would be an afternoon of peace and quiet on a wonderful sofa, under a cosy blanket with a drink, snack and of course a good book.  As I don’t drink tea I would have a hot chocolate and it would be lovely served in one of these with the chocolate bar too of course!!

2. I love and collect nearly as many bookmarks as I do books and think this is one of the cutest I have seen.

3. I have been lucky enough to get a new Kindle Paperwhite this year and as Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books in the world I would love one of these to keep my Kindle safe from a toddler’s hands!!

4. Although I usually have so many books on my bookshelves that I don’t usually need bookends, I think these guys are so cute I’d have to make room for them!!

5. I think that this may be the only book in the world where I couldn’t give a hoot about the words, it’s all about the pictures 🙂

Thanks to Sheli for asking me to be part of her Christmas feature.  I wish her and you a lovely, bookish Christmas.   Louise

I review for Laura at  http://shelovestoread.weebly.com/

I tweet at @jaustenrulesok


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