Xmas Wishlist – Ems @ Afternoon Bookery


1. Book quote mug – this last year has seen my love for books grow, and rekindle what was once a grand love affair, this sums up my feelings, and well I need something for the copious tea I get through?


2.I Capture the Castle hardback – this is a beautiful edition, I never read this book as a child, but I admit I saw it in Waterstones and ever since I have fallen in love and clearly need this in my life, stat.


3. Mary Poppins hardback – likewise, I spied this and the cover is beautiful I dont recall ever reading the book only ever watching the film but I cant turn down something as beautiful as this.

4. Sherlock Holmes Cluedo – this is another thing that has taken my fancy this year, I mean it’s like the best show into one of my favourite games, that been said I’m sure I would only play it christmas day and that be it, but indulge me?

They are the main things im hankering after on my book life this year – thankyou for having me!! šŸ™‚
you can find me at; http://www.afternoonbookery.blogspot.com or @afternoonbooker

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