Yours Truly


Your bum does not look big in that dress.

Mmm, it tastes delicious!

Of course you’re better looking than Jon Hamm.

Newly engaged Natalie Butterworth is an easy-going girl. She’ll do anything for a quiet life and if telling a few teensy white lies keeps her friends and family happy, then so what? It’s not like they’ll ever discover what she’s really thinking…

Until one night, thanks to a pub hypnotist, Natalie’s most private thoughts begin to bubble up and pop out of her mouth. Things get very messy indeed. Especially when some sticky home truths offend her fiancé.

Natalie must track down the hypnotist before the wedding is officially cancelled. So along with bad influence bestie Meg, Natalie finds herself in the Yorkshire Parish of Little Trooley – a small village bursting with big secrets, nosy old folk and intriguing Wellington-wearing men.

When the girls get stranded in the village with no means of escape and no way to break the hypnotist’s spell, Natalie is forced to face the truths she has been avoiding her whole life…

My opinion: I’ve had this on my kindle got ages after being recommended it by my friend Jaimie. I finally got round to it though!

The story is about Natalie who is about to marry her awful fiancé Olly and gives in to her mum and sister’s every whim. She accidentally gets hypnotised one evening and after that nothing is the same! Suddenly, rather than trying to keep everyone happy, Natalie starts speaking her mind and everything starts changing.

She tries to track down the hypnotist in a remote Yorkshire village, but ends up meeting lots of new people and becoming part of their community. At last Natalie starts to think about what she really wants, rather than everyone else around her!

I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t sure about this book at the beginning because Natalie was such a walkover that she grated on me a bit. She didn’t even say anything when her mum and sister chose her wedding dress for goodness sake! But I’m glad I persevered and got to see Natalie become stronger and more forceful and actually start to look after number one!

The book itself is well written and paced and some parts are hilariously funny! I will definitely go on to recommend this book to others as it is good fun, and has a bit of a girl power feeling to it when Natalie starts to speak her mind! I particularly liked the parts of the book in Little Trooley and hope Kirsty goes on to write more books with a village setting.

My rating: A Fab Four stars!

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