Author interview: Nadine Christian

Nadine Christian

Today at Sheli Reads I am joined by author Nadine Christian who hails from the very beautiful Pitcairn Island and has agreed to be interviewed by me!

1. Hi Nadine, and welcome to Sheli Reads. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your latest book?

Hi Sheli, and thank YOU for having me!  I’m a mum of five beautiful kids and I live on an island in the middle of the South Pacific. We’re so very isolated that to get to us is a two night trip by supply ship — that’s the ONLY way to get here.  I have five books out actually — or kind of! *grin* Two are out now — Remembering Love and Quintal’s Return. 
Remembering Love is a romance/suspense that has already managed to snag me a silver medal in the Readers Favorites Awards. Quintal’s Return is the first in the series of the Bounty’s Retreat Series. Home Again, Home Again will be released in November — the second of that series, and Quintal’s Quandary in February of next year. Finally I have a middle grade novel called The Water Soluble Horse Company with another publisher which I’ve just signed on for — so it’s all go!
2. Who is your favourite character that you have created, and have you based them on anyone you know?
Oh. The most awesome character I find to write is the bad guys.  Masie — whooo! She’s a horrible old woman in Remembering Love, and she was neat to write. She was mean and spiteful, and she said all the things you’d never say, do all the things you wish you could but never would. It was refreshing to write!  Did I base her on anyone? Um…kinda…but not really.  I suppose she’s just everything I wished I could honestly say all wrapped up into one blazing ball of horrible! *grin*
3. What inspires you to write?
I don’t know. I just have a thought that builds, and then the need comes to sit down and write it out…. Sometimes I do an outline, sometimes I just let the words flow.
4. Do you have any tips for aspiring writers out there?
Don’t wait. Write. It can be total rubbish, but do it. You’ll never know what you can do until you sit down and just start. Then, find a critiquing group. Mine saved me.
5. I know that you are the only author in your country, how does that make you feel?
Incredibly lucky and priviledged that I can do it. I get a lot of support from others on the island and they make me feel like I’m doing something great, so it helps! LOL
6. I have had a look at some of the pictures of Pitcairn Island on your website and it is incredibly beautiful! Do you not get distracted from your writing by that beauty? 
It actually works for me. I try to drag that beauty into my work, and the pure silence here sometimes aids in my concentration. Until of course the kids gets home — and then it’s — “What silence?”
7. You have a very busy life with 5 children, 4 goats, 2 cats and 30 chickens, as well as having some prominent roles on your island. How on earth do you find time to write?
When the kids go to school, the little one has her nap. I find I have to write with no distractions, so that’s the best time.   I tend to do all my chores in the mornings or after school. Feeding animals, working in the office, making bread. It depends what needs doing!
8. Who are your favourite authors?
Ohhh. Stephen King, Nora Roberts, I love  a bit of gore and a lot of loving! LOL
9. If you could have written any book, what would it be?
It by Stephen King. He scared the pants off me. I never looked at a clown the same way.
10. And lastly, I always like to ask authors about food! Do you have a national dish on Pitcairn Island that you could tell us about?
Breadfruit puffs! OMG. Breadfruit of course is well known as one of the things that started the Bounty mutiny, so that’s heritage right there. It’s like a potato puff with attitude! Yummo!
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Nadine for taking part in this interview today. You can find more information about Nadine, her books and Pitcairn Island at

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