Book shelf clean up!

So it’s a dull, cold and rainy Sunday. What better time to clean up my book shelves and TBR piles!

I have been ruthless and put some books aside for charity that I know I will never read again, or will just never get to. I’ve still got a pretty mammoth TBR though!

Here is my TBR and the smaller bedside pile for books I am currently reading or want to get to very soon!



And here are a selection of my book shelves! I have more with reference books, annuals, autobiographies, cookery books and books from when I was a child, so these are just a select few!






These books obviously don’t include the huge number I’ve got on my kindle! I may have a problem with book buying…

My next job is to tidy my study where two of my book cases are to make it a nice cosy place to read! But I think I deserve a sit down with a cup of tea and a book first!

14 thoughts on “Book shelf clean up!

    • It wasn’t looking that neat a few hours ago! 🙂 I can’t remember where I got those dragons from now, I’ve had them for ages though. Believe it or not, my TBR is smaller now than it was and considerably smaller than it was at the beginning of the summer! Even though the piles are massive there are only 2 which makes me feel better! 🙂

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