Birthday book haul

It was my birthday this week and I thought I would share with you my book haul!


As you can see I had lots of books! Around half of the books are presents of books that I haven’t read yet, and the other half are books I bought myself for my birthday that I have read on my Kindle and just had to have a paperback copy of! Does anyone else do this?

The only problem is now, I have no space left on my bookshelves and this is even before you add my four TBR piles into the mix! Do you have book storage problems too?

4 thoughts on “Birthday book haul

  1. I want to read ALL of those! I really miss buying physical books, I always pick them up and look longingly at them in the shops, but I have to stick to Kindle editions now because of the space issue! My bookshelves are exploding and if I have any more piles of books in the bedroom it will become a health & safety hazard!

    • I’m generally quite strict and give books I won’t read again to charity. I think a reshuffle of my shelves is in order to try and make a bit of room. I’ll have to take some pics! By the way, I think you would love Geek Girl! X

      • *headdesk* I meant to comment on your post yesterday about that! I bought Geek Girl straight away after reading your review! It sounds amazing! I can’t believe I forgot to say that you made me buy it!

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