Hiss and Hers


The bossy, vain and irresistible Agatha is back in her 23rd adventure!

Agatha has fallen in love – again. This time it’s the local gardener, George Marston, she has her eye on. But competition for his attention abounds. With her shameless determination Agatha will do anything to get her man, including footing the bill for a charity ball in town just for the chance to dance with him.

But when George is a no-show Agatha goes looking for him – and finds he has been murdered, having been bitten by a poisonous snake and buried in a compost heap. Agatha and the rest of her crew plunge into an investigation and discover that George had quite a complicated love life.

If Agatha now can’t have George, at least she can have the satisfaction of confronting the women who did,and finding a murderer in the process!

My opinion: I am a big fan of Agatha Raisin and find the formulaic books about her adventures comforting and relaxing. This is the 23rd book in the series.

Once again Agatha has got her sights set on the latest eligible bachelor to move to Carsely. Unfortunately George doesn’t seem to reciprocate her attention, but a little thing like that won’t stop a woman like Agatha! Only when George is murdered does Agatha find out the truth about the man she held in such high regard!

This latest adventure was enjoyable and we met a lot of familiar faces again in the book. I did find it a little annoying that the same old setting of a scorching summer with hosepipe bans was used again, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment.

Another good addition to the series, but I hope the next one takes place in a different setting so that we can get a bit more variety.

My rating: Three stars

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